Company Profile

Aston Microscopy is a fully independent laboratory, Neither Professor Kameel Sawalha nor Aston Microscopy are associated with any forensic laboratory. The work is done by us or as subcontract work.

Materials and Forensic Engineering & Investigations Experts

World Leaders in Forensic Investigation & Comprehensive Failure Analysis of Any Kind of Engineering Materials and Components

One of the Top in Corrosion investigation and analysis using the state of the art equipments, and electron microscopy

Failure Analysis of all type of engineering materials and failures.

Corrosion Investigation into the root cause, type of corrosion and advice.

Corrosion managements seminars

Expert witness & testimonies

Fracture & Surface Topography

Examination of the Integrity of all types of welding including rotational and Linear friction welding of all types of materials

Advice on Design & Parameters to achieve the Best Friction Welding Joints

SEM Examination and – EDX-Colour Dot Mapping and Analysis

Optical Micrography

Metallurgical Examination

Mechanical + Fatigue Testing

Coating Thickness Determination

Advice On Plating + Galvanising

Advice On Materials selections and Processing

We also provide professional hands on training on Metallurgical sample preparations

Failure Analysis Training

Materials and Sample Preparation and Microscopy Training.

Corrosion Managements.