Equipment for sale






IMG_3866 IMG_3867

Nikon Metallurgical Microscope Without Camera Price £1500.



Nikon Stereo Microscope With Base Transmission Lighting and  LED

Lighting fro The top View. Price £1000

Leitz Metallurgical Microscope  Leitz Metallurgical Microscope

IMG_3874 IMG_3873



OLYMPUS PME Microscope Price £700


Olympus BHMJL Optical; Microscope, SN: 208057. Price £450

Olympus BHC Optical Microscope With Olympus lLenses not the one shown in the photo. Price £400

Stereo Microscope X20

Olympus Tokyo SN: 204822. Price £250

Olympus BHM Optical Microscope, SN: 318761. Price  £250


Vision Mantis Engineering Microscope with various objectives. Sold

Leco Microscan 2000. Price £150


Hardness Testing Equipment


Esaway hardness testing machine (Hv & Br). Price £600



Vickers Armstrong (BR) SN: 254925. Price for  these Standard Vickers M/C. Varies between £950-£1400

Vickers Hardness Control Systems SN: 123140

ESE Dynamic BR Hardness Tester. Price £100 ( Not available)


Analytical Equipment for Sales


Unitemp Water Bath. Price £100

Severn Scales Water Bath Price £100


Hiac Digital Particle Counter. Price £100

Atlas Fume Cupboard

Atlas Fume Cupboard (£950)

s-l1600 (1)

This Equipment was Used very little



Denison 20KN Tensile Tester, Computer Control. Price £5300 (Sold)


denison 20KN tensile p1


denison tensile 20KN p2

Denison Tensile 20KN P3



Sample Preparation / Cutting


Metaserv 14 inch wheel automatic cut off machine. Price £4500 (Sold)


Leco 12 inch wheel cut off machine. Price £3000 (Sold)

Metaserv cut off machine. Price £950

Buehler mounting press. Price £960 (Sold)



40 mm Automatic Metaserv Mounting Press 40 mm Beuhler:Metaserv Mounting Press
40 mm Buehler/Metaserv Automatic Mounting Press ( £1350)
Buehler Manual Hydaulic Mounting Press
Metaserv Manual Hydraulic Mounting Press ( £450) Sold
Metaserv Grinder Metaserv Grinder 1
Unused Buehler/Metaserv Twin Wheels Grinder (£1950)
Metaserv Polisher 1 Metserv Polisher
Twin Wheels Buehler /Metaserv Polisher ( £1200)
Unused Buehler Metaserv Cut Off machine Unused Buehler Metaserv Cut Off machine Inside
Unused Buehler Metaserv Cut Off machine Pump and Reservoir
Unused Buehler Metaserv Abrasiv Cut Off Machine ( £2950)(SOLD


Struers automatic grinding / polisher. Price £2250 ( Sold)

LECO Grinder/Polisher. Price £600 ( Sold)

Buehler Sample Met 2, SN: 47. Price £1500 (Sold)

Metaserv Rotary Pregrinder. Price £600 (Sold), few more available at the Same Price



Buehler Abrasimet 2, Abrasive Cutter. Price £800 (Sold)

Microslice 2, Microtome. Price £300 (SOLD)