Company Profile

Forensic Investigation & Comprehensive Failure Analysis of Any Kind of Engineering Materials and Components



  • Forensic Investigation into materials engineering failures including corrosion.
  • Failure Analysis of all type of engineering materials and failures.
  • Corrosion Investigation into the root cause, type of corrosion  and advice.
  •  Corrosion managements seminars
  • Expert witness & testimonies
  • Fracture & Surface Topography
  • Examination of the Integrity of all types of welding including rotational and Linear friction welding of all types of materials
  • SEM – EDX-Colour Dot Mapping
  • Optical Micrography
  • Metallurgical Examination
  • Mechanical + Fatigue Testing
  • Coating Thickness Determination
  • Advice On Plating + Galvanising
  • Advice On Materials selections and Processing

We also provide professional hands on training on

  • Failure Analysis Training
  • Materials and Sample Preparation and Microscopy Training.
  • Corrosion Managements.