pipe corrosion

AME exists to supply you with a comprehensive materials analysis service via application of the complete range of microstructural investigative techniques. From simple, exploratory elemental analysis to in-depth examination of failure or fracture mechanisms, AME can provide rapid, cost-effective solutions tailored to the requirements of your material or application.

kettle corrosion

The microstructural capabilities of AME are complemented by access to a wide range of other materials testing facilities such as mechanical testing, fatigue testing and petrgraphy. Although our prime focus is on metallurgical investigations, AME has additional specialist experience in a wide range of materials, from composites and polymers to cement and concrete.

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Fine Fatigue Striations of Failed Steel Bolt


Examples of current primary applications of AME’s expertise include:

  • Investigation into corrosion problems: detecting and characterising corrosion products, mechanisms and causes, and identifying remedies;
  • Microscopic investigation of failure and fracture mechanisms: diagnosing eg. Hydrogen embrittlement, fatigue failures etc.
  • Advising clients on materials selection for unusual applications

AME is also engaged  in the trade of reconditioned and pre-owned laboratory equipment of all kinds, from basic microscopes to full SEM systems.Explore our facilities using the menu on the left of the page; many of the headings contain images illustrating some of our investigations. The ‘Images’ link contains some larger, high quality digital images for your perusal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions about how we can help you.


Hydrogen Embrittlement

Prof. Dr Kameel Sawalha, C.Eng, FIMMM