Equipment for sale






IMG_3866 IMG_3867

Nikon Metallurgical Microscope Without Camera Price £1500.



Nikon Stereo Microscope With Base Transmission Lighting and  LED

Lighting fro The top View. Sold

Leitz Metallurgical Microscope  Leitz Metallurgical Microscope

IMG_3874 IMG_3873



OLYMPUS PME Microscope Price £700


Olympus BHMJL Optical; Microscope, SN: 208057. Price £450

Olympus BHC Optical Microscope With Olympus lLenses not the one shown in the photo. Price £400


Olympus Tokyo SN: 204822. Price £250

Olympus BHM Optical Microscope, SN: 318761. Price  £250


Vision Mantis Engineering Microscope with various objectives. Sold

Leco Microscan 2000. Price £150


















Hardness Testing Equipment




Vickers Armstrong (BR) SN: 254925. Price for  these Standard Vickers M/C.No Longer available

Vickers Hardness Control Systems SN: 123140 (No Longer Available




Analytical Equipment for Sales


Unitemp Water Bath. Price £100

Severn Scales Water Bath Price £100


Hiac Digital Particle Counter. Price £100

Atlas Fume Cupboard

Atlas Fume Cupboard (£950)

s-l1600 (1)

This Equipment was Used very little



Denison 20KN Tensile Tester, Computer Control.  (Sold)


denison 20KN tensile p1


denison tensile 20KN p2

Denison Tensile 20KN P3



Sample Preparation / Cutting


Metaserv 14 inch wheel automatic cut off machine. Price  (Sold)


Leco 12 inch wheel cut off machine. (Sold)

Metaserv Cut off machine With  Coolant pump . Price £950

This machine is mounted on top of Metal Table with Coolant Pump at Bottom Shelf

Buehler mounting press.  (Sold)



40 mm Automatic Metaserv Mounting Press 40 mm Beuhler:Metaserv Mounting Press
40 mm Buehler/Metaserv Automatic Mounting Press ( £1350)
Buehler Manual Hydaulic Mounting Press
Metaserv Manual Hydraulic Mounting Press ( £450)
Metaserv Grinder Metaserv Grinder 1
Unused Buehler/Metaserv Twin Wheels Grinder (Sold)
Metaserv Polisher 1 Metserv Polisher
Twin Wheels Buehler /Metaserv Polisher ( £1200)
Unused Buehler Metaserv Cut Off machine Unused Buehler Metaserv Cut Off machine Inside
Unused Buehler Metaserv Cut Off machine Pump and Reservoir
Unused Buehler Metaserv Abrasiv Cut Off Machine (SOLD


Struers automatic grinding / polisher. ( Sold)

LECO Grinder/Polisher.  ( Sold)

Buehler Sample Met 2, SN: 47.  (Sold)

Metaserv Rotary Pregrinder. Price £600, few more available at the Same Price

Single Wheel ones for £200 each



Buehler Abrasimet 2, Abrasive Cutter.  (Sold)

Microslice 2, Microtome.  (SOLD)